About the Artist

I was born in South Island Christchurch NZ and began writing poetry when I felt misunderstood. My first poem was published in the local paper at age four. In my early twenties I left NZ after losing my first child. Determined to be a singer songwriter in Sydney Australia 1986 I became a full member of APRA (Australian Performing Rights Association). Soon after I returned to NZ and published the first edition of “Visions of a new Kind” 1987 with the support of my father’s publishing company. The same year I won recording time with NZ Broadcasting House for five of my original songs. 1992 I created and produced “Land Of The Warthogs” in VHS format. It was a spoken word, silent film, stage performance, journey into the underworld. In 2001 it was accepted and exhibited at Melbourne Fringe Festival as a VHS short film and performance (see chapter illustrations).

When 9/11 events created world “terrorism“ I turned to documentary film making with Art Resistance and later produced my own short docos. The poem “before meeting you” was requested by Dr. Christine Cole for her book Releasing the Past: Mothers stories of their stolen babies. I took refuge at that time in spiritualist meditation circles and wrote poetry in trance state. Later in my life I returned to performing my original poetry as spoken word in Alice Springs N.T. The indigenous people of Australia say “Alice is the place where the song lines meet”. I found my place and finally claimed myself as an artist and a performer in this desert heart.

Other Projects by the Artist


Land of the Warthogs production and filming of spoken word film

Gunnery Woolloomooloo

Seeing Things Film Production re. Tasmanian ghosts

Tasmanian Mountain Festival Co-Coordinator of  “Sculpture Trail” exhibition

2005 Shadows in the Water

Independently produced environmental film for Launceston community action groups.

Land of the Warthogs

Melbourne Fringe festival

Sydney Mardi Gras Film Festival

2003-6 Actively Radical TV,

Anti Landmines Valhalla cinema Radical Film Festival Award

ARTV sponsorship training for channel 31 community TV Sydney.

Anti-Landmines from the exhibition by John Rodsted. (ARTV)

Tap Gallery Alternative ,promotion video

Alexandria Park Community School NAIDOC  promotional video

Malabar School Arts Festival promotional school video         

 2011-12 Aftershock the survivors of the Christchurch earthquake


2011-13 Grafton Nimby Bridge Song, Anti CSG song

1986 Full time member of APRA

(Australian Performing Rights Association)

1987 original song recordings

Broadcasting House Wellington   NZ

Self-Published poetry book “Visions of a New Kind” 1987               


Certificate 4 Sound Production TAFE Grafton

Certificate 4- Music and Media TAFE Grafton

Certificate 4-Screen and Media TAFE Grafton

“Women’s Circus” Performance: Lilith 1999

Glen Innes Local Aboriginal Land Council, Office

Event Manager eco tourism music festival on tribal land  

Steve Matthews Drama Action Sydney

Short courses in drama and performance – clowning, playback, mask,       TV presenting

Metropolitan Drama Studios: Judith Davenport

volunteer work: worked with homeless teenagers, early school leavers.

Self employed street cafe musician performer and artist.

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