actual film title        

Preachers and plaques..swan song to Bohemian..Kings Cross(working title)

Documentary about the gentrification of Kings Cross as seen in 2004 during the kings cross festival and laying of the plaques in the pavement.

Central character is “Sister Inferior” from the iconic sisters of perpetual indulgence who wears a babies toilet seat as a habit and refers to the gentrification of the Cross as avoiding the “bottom” of things in between interviews with some famous character from Kings Cross Bohemian culture.

The late Edwin Duff and  Fifi Lamour are two interviewees along with Aesha from Les Girls, Elizabeth Burton the famous stripper  and Vittorio Bianca from the Piccolo Bar and Barry the busker and squatter in Heffron Hall during the changes who are still with us to witness these changes.

The member of council chosen to research the history of the Cross to be remembered  in the pavement for future generations talks of the difficulties involved with having to edit the history to fit the pavement

The bohemian artists  demonstrate  living evidence that the blank plaques  may be  destined to remain half finished..including their patron of the arts  Abe Saffrons plaque on the fountain.

Other sources for film and cutaways

 I have shown Vittorio Bianca the film and he has given me the stamp of approval by his    comment “It is priceless”

Vittorio is over 80 and has been the epicentre and pivotal point of the Australian  bohemian          art movement       rivaling the velvet underground and early Punk theatre in London in the 70s

Some of the artists left Australia and some were David Bowie lovers etc living and dying in         other countries like Barcelona and only coming home to Sydney to visit their families and to     say hello to Vittorio who remained in Kings Cross with his mini gallery museum of the artists Australia chose to forget.



May 11th 2018 iwas the opening night of Rogues Collective at DVAA  Art gallery Frog Hollow Wood St Darwin.

I was accepted as part of that exhibition that will continue for two weeks

wed to Fridays 12-5pm

It will be the prelude to my Fringe Festival event on July 10 2018 called “Who is Which is a poetry book launch and live performance.

Before any book launch there is a promotional build up period and the exhibition at DVAA is exactly that for me as an emerging artist presenting myself in public.

I have a spoken word film taken from a poem in my poetry book called “Land of the Warthogs” which you can view on my website

 I  projected  that film onto the wall inside the studio.

The film lends itself to large projection only and was originally accepted as part of Melbourne Fringe Festival in Melbourne 2001.

 The film was originally filmed in an artists squat in Woolloomooloo Sydney traditionally the gunnery for target practice for the army and navy.

It has a long history and involved some famous artists that were living in Sydney in 1992 when it was first shot.


“Visions of a New Kind”

Poetry Book display courtesy of DVAA

Prior to Book Launch

At Darwin Fringe Festival    July 6-13-    2018 time-TBA

 “Land of the Warthogs”

Short film 15 minutes

Exhibited Melbourne Fringe Festival 2001

Film 1992    edit 2001-3

 “Visions of a New Kind”

Jayne Aylwin Miller


The poetry book was first published 1987 after being rescued from an old suitcase.

It was republished in 2018 as an updated edition including the images from the spoken word film “Land of the Warthogs” which features as a poem in the book.

Between 1987 and 2018 Jaynee emerged from being a performance artist and published poet to an activist film maker.

The poetry written after 1987 reflects a growing concern for more local contemporary social issues.

The earlier poetry reflects some current global concerns and issues even though they had not emerged at the time they were written by the artist.

The second to last poem in the book called “the Promise” is yet to be fulfilled as a hope for a brighter future for humanity which does not exist at this time.

Displayed at the Darwin Fringe Festival July 6-13 2018 along with the sale of the poetry books will be an installation created on the back of an old door called “unhinged doors…to making it right in this life”

Please add your name to the mailing list inside studio 1 to be informed of the 2018 Darwin Fringe Festival event and visit for other events


“Land of the Warthogs”

Was originally conceived after a nightmare prior to 1987.

I wrote the words that came to me in the dream as a poem that I later published in the first edition of “Visions of a New Kind”.

1992 I met two would be entrepreneurs who offered to film my poem as spoken word and said they would walk me through it if I took on the producer role.

I emerged six months later with the storyboard, a cast of over twenty people including wardrobe designers as well as the venue.

We rehearsed volunteers from tribe’s hair salon in Oxford St to the local independent artists from Sydney’s GBLTI community and shot the footage in an artist squat in Woolloomooloo in Sydney called “The Gunnery”.

2001-3 I met a film editor at Footscray Film School in Melbourne willing to edit the pre digital VHS footage.

After some synchronistic events to find the original master it reached industry standard for festival entry.

The current soundtrack was re invented during the editing and was produced by some genuine entrepreneurial musicians and production company called from Bryon Bay.

Studio 1 suits the style of this film Thanks to DVAA I can recreate a similar atmosphere true to 1990s bohemian style of performance art.

A poet, singer, songwriter and independent film maker, Jaynee launches her second poetry book “Visions of aNew Kind” for 2018 Darwin Fringe Festival. She will also be screening her spoken word film “Land of The Warthogs” first shown at the Melbourne Fringe Festival in 2001 and Sydney Mardi Gras Festival in 2003.
Later in 2003 Jaynee turned to independent documentary film making.
Focusing on the untold story she produced a Tasmanian activist film called “Shadows in the Water” and in 2012 produced “Aftershock” about the 2011 earthquake in New Zealand.
Thirteen years later she found herself in Alice Springs where she reclaimed the artist within her performance poetry “finally making it right” with poetic passion to support the political and social voice in the wilderness of unresolved local global and local events.
Jaynee is a timeless authentic poet performing in original Spoken Word song and art, she will encourage audience participation to share her “poetry as art” dream landscape door called “..unhinged doorway for souls troubled by past life memories who want to make it right in this life..”
Her multi disciplinary artistic achievements are showcased on her new web page

Finding the night life a bit limited after a few months of living in Alice Springs and teaching in a local school I decided to sing at the two most popular open mic venues namely Epilogue and Dirty Word.

I have always had a side of me that will decide to create my own entertainment when it is lacking around me

After a few “practices” in front of live audiences I had a bit of a repertoire of my favourite lyrical poet musicians to draw on for the next impromptu performance which open mic is sympathetic to.

Alice seems to gravitate towards grass roots activist artists indigenous and non indigenous and people come to visit  from all over the world .

I had no confidence to stand up and recite my original poetry at that time but I could sing covers..

I relied on the melodic old world style of folk singing and doing my few songs till I did them well.

One night tired of hearing all the other musicians get up and perform their original songs and knowing mine didn’t translate well with single guitar or ukulele accompaniment..I decided to try something new.

I sand the classic “bird on a wire” by Leonard Cohen till I reached the second verse.

Then I put down my instrument ..knowing I had the audience attention..and introduced the poem Vision of The Refugee Crisis.

I dedicated it to the then 650 million displaced  people all over the world and proceeded to recite it from memory as poetry slam.

Then I went back into the last verse of the song ..bird on a wire and sat down.

Since then I have gained the courage to speak the poetry without the need to prop myself up with some other fabulous song writers lyrics and melodies.

I am learning to sing and play my poetry in a whole new way and it is an evolving process.

I knew how much poetry was a part of Leonard Cohen and part of his brilliance was his deep golden voice and own unique way to deliver his message.

I dedicate a page to honour him in my book as a poet singer and artist who transcended the boundaries of his era and the mediums that constrain us to a genre and a time as artists.