The chapter headings in colour on the home page and here are the images from the spoken word film “Land of The Warthogs” found on the gallery page.  

In 1992 I raised myself above my inhibitions to exhibit my poetry in a new medium outside of the first edition of the book

I wanted to portray the visual journey as theatre to lure the audience into a nightmare about falling from grace into an underworld of false integrity as one audience noted ..” like Dantes inferno”.

It has parallels in todays world thirty years later where we are lose our innocence to a hierachy of propaganda and have to struggle to get ourselves out’

I am still amazed at the way the people came and believed in the project enough to help it emerge the way it did.

It was  uncommon to use spoken word in a film in that way in 1992 and was accepted for Melbourne Fringe festival in 2001.

Unfortunately the original cast never performed in public and the film is the only evidence that it ever existed apart from the mixed media version performed at a pop up venue in Brunswick St Melbourne where I gave out costumes to the audience to dress up in and performed the poem live dressed in the alien costume with a radio mic.

I used the images from the film for the second edition of the book to replace the Maori Art designs used in the first edition.

I was no longer in contact with the artist bone carver to ask his permission to use his images for the second edition and so the book evolved into a whole new and updated work.

From film back to poetry

One night I came across another film maker artist at an open mic spoken word night called “Dirty Word”held at Totem Theatre in Alice Springs.

Sylvia Storchi was a young Italian film maker who offered to help me with some editing on a new film(my half finished tomorrow) in return for a small wage to help fund her travels around Australia.

When her editing help nearly sabotaged my entire film due to the antiquated system and her misunderstanding of the old format I was using I decided to ask her to help me create my first face book page … Jaynee … instead.

I wanted a gallery of all the films  songs and poems I had done through out my life to be exhibited in one place as part of beginning to claim myself as an “Artist” and finally taking my place amongst the universe of other artists no matter how humble.

I still had no thoughts of republishing my poetry beyond an ebook on that page and wanted to  photocopy and distribute it all from that page hoping for the best regarding copyright rip offs..

I discovered that creating an ebook that people could buy off a face book page was far more complex than I had first imagined.

What followed was a costly journey into learning about the biggest global digital scams for artists and authors wanting to self publish using international online publishing companies.

I spent months speaking to publishing consultants with foreign accents based anywhere between the Philippines and India with a parent company based in USA while deciding on which company to go with..

In all cases their ability to understand the language of poetry in English was a constant source of grief to me and my hearing difficulties dealing with accents on long distance phone calls added to theirs.

I was about to sign on the dotted line with one company .when a small voice in my head said . why not google search Australian companies just in case there is one that can do it for you from home..and there it was ..the first one I saw “Publicious” started by an  Andrew McDermott a fiction writer with a Nottingham accent (that I could understand) operating from Tweed Heads Northern NSW…up the road from my home town of Grafton at that time.

Publicious was not only an Australian company with all the integrity of being by for and of the authors concerned but it was for that reason quite the reverse of all the big companies I had investigated and potentially signed up to before.

I decided to republish the poetry with the same title in 2018.

Initially the reason for the same title was to keep the consistency for  the second edition.

The decision to republish came to me while I was living in Alice Springs N.T. Australia’s desert  heart in 2016.

Alice Springs weaves its own magic around song lines and spoken word so in retrospect it was no surprise it happened there..

One day on a tourist trip to the largest red rock in Australia I took a classic picture of Uluru.

I put it on my jaynee face book page and it sat there for weeks.

As I was beginning to consider adding my poetry to the page..I decided to write one to go with the photo I had taken.

I was genuinely surprised at the response to the Uluru poem I read out at “dirty word” venue one spoken word night held at Totem Theatre.

Around that time unbeknown to me it was the conversation time for the “statement” a convention being held in Uluru to bring aboriginal affairs into the Australian Constitution.

When I read my Uluru poem to the audience at Totem and learned of the co incidental events happening at Uluru at the same time I was in shock.

Since then I have reread and dedicated many of my earlier poems to current events.

I began to realise that “Visions” ..”of a new kind” added a whole other meaning to my poetry.

From there on in republication of the old book began to transform into a new and updated edition with the same title.

I began to understand my uncanny ability as a storyteller to tune into current and future events beyond my limited understanding at the time.

It was a revolutionary step beyond the boundaries that I had set for myself all those years ago.

In the new edition I re titled many of the original poems  to reflect the events we are now experiencing on the can be seen in the “Vision of the Refugee Crisis”

All of this I never thought possible for a mere poet.

These days  I leave the new poetry book  to have a life of its own and a power to speak to people .the way the poems  spoke to me initially… in the shower..driving down the the middle of the night..on the toilet..  collected and kept under my bed or in the closet.. in an old suitcase until now.


Visions of a new kind came to me as a title in 1987 when I decided to publish my poetry for the first time.

An alternative school of metaphysical banter  called the “New Age” existed at that time.

It appeared to be taking the western world by storm  and many of the believers talked of the !987 Harmonic Convergence as the beginning of some kind of shift into global consciousness.

I did not identify as part of that movement as it seemed to me a lot of the so called New Age was a return to old world traditions of indigenous peoples re marketed as though it was some human cosmic break though into new dimensions for the first time.

However some of my earlier poems seemed to eclipse the thinking of that time even though I had written them on scraps of paper in my recluse moments some of them years before the thinking became popular.

I used the words ..Of a New Kind ..rather than of the New Age make a clear distinction between the two.