A poet, singer, songwriter and independent film maker, Jaynee launches her second poetry book “Visions of aNew Kind” for 2018 Darwin Fringe Festival. She will also be screening her spoken word film “Land of The Warthogs” first shown at the Melbourne Fringe Festival in 2001 and Sydney Mardi Gras Festival in 2003.
Later in 2003 Jaynee turned to independent documentary film making.
Focusing on the untold story she produced a Tasmanian activist film called “Shadows in the Water” and in 2012 produced “Aftershock” about the 2011 earthquake in New Zealand.
Thirteen years later she found herself in Alice Springs where she reclaimed the artist within her performance poetry “finally making it right” with poetic passion to support the political and social voice in the wilderness of unresolved local global and local events.
Jaynee is a timeless authentic poet performing in original Spoken Word song and art, she will encourage audience participation to share her “poetry as art” dream landscape door called “..unhinged doorway for souls troubled by past life memories who want to make it right in this life..”
Her multi disciplinary artistic achievements are showcased on her new web page  jaynee.com.au

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