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Preachers and plaques..swan song to Bohemian..Kings Cross(working title)

Documentary about the gentrification of Kings Cross as seen in 2004 during the kings cross festival and laying of the plaques in the pavement.

Central character is “Sister Inferior” from the iconic sisters of perpetual indulgence who wears a babies toilet seat as a habit and refers to the gentrification of the Cross as avoiding the “bottom” of things in between interviews with some famous character from Kings Cross Bohemian culture.

The late Edwin Duff and  Fifi Lamour are two interviewees along with Aesha from Les Girls, Elizabeth Burton the famous stripper  and Vittorio Bianca from the Piccolo Bar and Barry the busker and squatter in Heffron Hall during the changes who are still with us to witness these changes.

The member of council chosen to research the history of the Cross to be remembered  in the pavement for future generations talks of the difficulties involved with having to edit the history to fit the pavement

The bohemian artists  demonstrate  living evidence that the blank plaques  may be  destined to remain half finished..including their patron of the arts  Abe Saffrons plaque on the fountain.

Other sources for film and cutaways

 I have shown Vittorio Bianca the film and he has given me the stamp of approval by his    comment “It is priceless”

Vittorio is over 80 and has been the epicentre and pivotal point of the Australian  bohemian          art movement       rivaling the velvet underground and early Punk theatre in London in the 70s

Some of the artists left Australia and some were David Bowie lovers etc living and dying in         other countries like Barcelona and only coming home to Sydney to visit their families and to     say hello to Vittorio who remained in Kings Cross with his mini gallery museum of the artists Australia chose to forget.


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