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a theatrical spoken word subtitled film about an alien falling from grace it encapsulated the legacy of my earlier poetry as a” soul tortured by past life memories trying to make it right in this life”

It was created in 1992 at an artist squat called the Gunnery Wolloomooloo Sydney as a live performance to camera with the intention of becoming a film.

2001 rescued and edited in Footscray Film school by Andrew Chiocus after finding the original predigital footage missing for seven years.

Screened as part of Melbourne Fringe Festival 2001 at Revolver nightclub and a pop up venue in Brunswick where it was performed as media fusion

It was requested for Sydney Mardi Gras short film event shown at the Dendy Theatre between 2003-5


After the 2011 earthquake concerned by the lack of media coverage of the aftermath of the earthquake I decided to go home to my birth town and collect real ground zero stories from the locals about how they were surviving the tragedy.

I decided to use a song I had written many years before as the soundtack as the lyrics totally fitted how the locals felt about their beloved city after the destruction

I was blessed to meet Ralph Hartel a textile artist and co coordinator for “Shadows in the Water” an artists protest against logging the old growth forests and poisoning the towns drinking water in Launceston Tasmania..

He introduced me to two ex timber millers who had joined the protest and were very active.

I filmed the installation and trek to the destroyed areas in one day ..later the exhibition and spent six months editing it on a cassablanca in the isolated town of Rosebery where I had a teaching position on the west coast of Tasmania

As a student with Art Resistance and Actively Radical TV ..on the heels of the 2001 bombing of the twin towers I turned to documentary making to help fight what was becoming a media and information war between mainstream media control and propoganda and ground zero reporting of current events.

This was my graduate piece about a photojournalist called John Rodsted who travelled all over Bosnia and the surrounding areas filming innocent victims of landmines to raise public awareness and expose companies still producing them.

It won an award at the Glebe Valhalla Activist Film Festival at that time

At the end of my Grafton TAFE music course 2013 we were all required to produce and perform an original song with a selected group of student musicians.

I chose the Grafton Nimby Bridge as I was petitioning against the possibility the bridge would end up in my back yard and devalue my property and my street.

As I got further into rallying the neighbours I realised no one wanted it in their back yard but everyone wanted a I wrote this comedy song based on the true story of a community dealing with government the name of progess.

Audio Production

Rainbow Warrior

Lion and lamb




Walk Through Wall

Stocks and Shares

Catwalk Hippies


Can’t See the Trees for the csg


1986  Recording Rights  New Zealand Broadcasting House Wellington 

recording time with broadcasting house at that time in NZ was expensive..

1987.. fully registered songwriter and member of A.P.R.A. (Australian Performing Rights Association)

lyrics and melody for “space song” vinyl album children’s TV series

Rainbow warrior.. French agents try to bomb NZ s one anti nuclear protest boat

Lion and Lamb.. an anthem for world peace

Maybe .. a simple love song

Stocks and shares.. the 1987 stock market crash

Walking through the wall..tribute to Carl Jung teachings

1990s..audios created and  recorded on a home studio computer 

Power games.. women claiming their rights to pick up in the 90s

Catwalk Hippies..the fashion industry and anaorexia


Aftershock…Theme song to New Zealand Earthquake film

Bridge Song..local protest about the location of the new 

Grafton Bridge

Cant see the Trees for the CSG… 

community protesting against coal seam gas 

Recorded as part of certificate 4 Music Grafton TAFE NSW

known as the protest singer during this time as there were 

three major environmental issues to fight

Excerpts from Visions of a New Kind 2018

“There is a dark heart in the white history out near Uluru
There is a light heart in the dark history of Uluru that belongs to a timeless tradition
There is a red heart in the centre of Australia that bleeds and cries
There is a cancer on the landscape called Pine Gap that needs to be removed
Australia as a people may we break away
From the tyranny and control of
The ones we call US of A
May the guardians of the dreamtime
Come back to life out here once more
So that the healing can begin”
Jaynee excerpt from reedit of ” Visions of a new Kind”

“Faeries are the nature spirits of the woods
They are the lights of energy
The vibration and the frequency
That most animals can see”
Excerpts from poetry book “visions of a new kind”


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