“Visions of a new kind came to me in my dreams and meditations that only became clear as my life progressed and as world events developed into the twenty first century.

Within the effortlessness of poetry I found many answers and the manner in which they presented themselves captured the spirit of my questions until each poem become a perfect gift that I give to you in the following pages…”

The original collection of poems were rescued from an old suitcase and self published under my late father’s publishing company name in the pre-digital era of 1987.

In 2018 I decided to reprint and add to the collection in a digital world.

I kept the original title and added photos to most of the chapters and put the original cover picture at the front of the NZ chapter.

I became inspired to perform and publish the new and old poetry after living in Alice Springs NT Australia from 2015-17.

They say Alice is the place where the song lines meet.

I found my place and finally claimed myself as an artist and a performer in this desert heart.

Still Shots from Land of the Warthogs.
Colour versions of black and white images from Visions of a New Kind


Walkabout Nation came to roost
Upon a barren landscape of hidden truth
Clothed in the contradictions
Of cultural diversity
Australia sprang from a black mans landscape
In an unknown universe.
So we are crossing song lines and weaving maps
Talking our stories to fill in the gaps
Blending races and healing souls
Retracing our bloodlines to fill in the holes

What does it take to create a great nation
A flag or a banner, some artists creation?
Or the mindful awareness of words lesser known
That address a true future on the walkabout home

“Faeries are the nature spirits of the woods
They are the lights of energy
The vibration and the frequency
That most animals can see”
Excerpts from poetry book “visions of a new kind”