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All artwork available in UV on Steel or other material

1971 – 1979 Roslyn Gardens, Kings Cross

This is a picture of sold sketches and portraits exhibited from my bedsit. This was my last visual arts exhibition.

I met the Darlinghurst bohemian artists during frequent visits to the Piccolo Bar cafe.

They influenced me to such an extent I moved away from visual arts and into theatre and performance.

1989 – 1992 Northern Tablelands NSW

I was a visual arts teacher at Glen Innes in the Northern NSW Tablelands close to where I had bought land.

This is a model of the design I created for our mudbrick  house.

Sadly again a huge fire in 2010 nearly destroyed my house.

I sold to national parks who sadly never looked after the house yet it still survived the next fire in 2018-9

It still stands in part because of the excellent craftsmanship of Stuart Myhall.

1989 – 1992 Sydney

I became immersed in a world of gay and punk theatre culture from 1970-90.

I produced Land of the Warthogs in 1992 which I dedicated to the influence of all the original bohemian artists from Kings Cross.

I drew the storyboard for warthogs before we could rehearse the performance for the making of the film as it was a requirement for making a film with the large number of participants.

During that time there were many workshops in theatre mask making and film that I attended and these were some of the costume ideas I had.

I still have one film to make which is a documentary about these artists some of whom have since died.

I have yet to find the right co-editor who understands that bohemian period of theatre and art in Kings Cross.

1992 New Zealand

Paintings of my parents commissioned by my father.

1996 – 2000 Northern Tablelands

I lived most of this time in the bush and created this portrait.

During this time I also created the mandala for the poem that featured as the first illustration in the second edition of my poetry book.

It was inspired by a book called “Women who run with the Wolves” by Clarissa Pinkola Estes

2018 Darwin

Unhinged door is a collage that I created, and it was the next time I attempted to work as a visual artist.

I was lucky to find the old door after Cyclone Marcus, Darwin which loaned itself to the next illustration for a poem.

I used it in my book launch to describe one of the poems which was also a premonition about 9/11 to 2025 events.

“The Promise” has its own soundtrack and has been in two gallery exhibitions at the Roxy Gallery Kyogle for the Writers Festival and Woodenbong Arts Group