Writings came to me as a name after I was prompted to write my thoughts down during lockdown 2020.

I was directly encouraged by my meditation teacher of twenty years who was given the strong message that I needed to start writing again.

They are written in part to satisfy my own natural human need to make sense of the information war we have become subjected to at this point in time and at our own expense.

Like many of us during lockdown with all the dis and misinformation out there it began the journey of looking inward to find the truth while absorbing what I could outwardly using my critical mind to get 2020 vision.

2021 Writings
These have been shortened but you can listen to the full version of any of the prerecorded 2021 writings on my (click on this link) facebook page.
The hard copy and ebook will be on sale soon from this website and in online bookstores.

2020 Writings

These are some of the complete writings as 2020 has come and gone although many of them were written with no particular time frame in mind.Literary diary reflecting on the difficult times we can all identify with since the lock downs and global pandemic restrictions began.

January 2022

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A Christmas tree looks like a ghost against a dark sky

The ghosting of Christmas

This year wasn’t the celebration we thought it would be

Followed by a new years eve where Big Ben in UK forgot to chime

The whole planet is moving into a new paradigm

Santa sleighs and reindeer look more like

Sideshows at a circus

There is a growth of pine trees in a circle

In real time the pine trees were chopped behind my block

Exposing me to a caravan park

Symbolic of what is exposed

When the ceremony is removed

While some people cling tightly to their fantasies

And beliefs in a bubble

Out there somewhere a new truth is emerging

That we will only see when we have thrown away our toys

Things are ditsy again

Last week I couldn’t think

A lot of us were like that

Making bad decisions

Today is clearer

The writings wouldn’t come easily

But they are reconstructing now

I’m seeing bits a pieces of the bigger picture

A wheel off a bed roller

A chime with its chimer laying crosswise

A strange light but only part of it

I think its circular

Think we have been shrouded in the atmosphere

Too many people so tired and only want to sleep

Grey skies and strange weather

Our consciousness is temporarily blocked

Its freeing up now and bits are coming through

Like the Intel on social media

It has been so mixed with fake news..so infiltrated

But its clearing up now like the weather

The Vatican is close to the surface of exposure

For all its crimes perpetrated in the black goo

The crown is only visible as an artifact

But not on anyone’s head

The fall of the great controllers

The empires and the evil ones

Have begun to be fulfilled

There was no strike of BIG Ben at midnight 31st Dec 2021

There at the will of the people and the bell not tolled

At the strike of the clock for whom it never tolled at midnight

The absence of the strike symbolic of the absence of the heads

Of our empires who controlled us from behind

For they are all gone now and it is only the shadow

Of the new world order that plays out in 2022

For the paradigm has shifted out of the hands

That once controlled its contents and its populations

The true rats are now caged and about to be exported

From the old earth as we knew it

That was the end of the world as we knew it

And this is the birth of the new millennium

As we will come to understand it

Humanity has won

The eye of Osiris appears between the cracks

In a wall that could have been a pyramid

But it has fallen to the bottom

Reminding us of what was done

And has become undone

There are a pair of lungs grey as the sky above

Internal organs and a spinal column

Stretching up into the sky

Until the lungs become clouds searching for fresh air and light

There is a foghorn blaring from the left of the picture I see

Like a megaphone of ever expanding vibration

But I hear no sound

Deafening silence

There is a metallic being rising from beneath me

It is an AI creature from a sci fi film

Rising to compete artificially with the natural world

The trees are blowing in a gale force wind

In the artificially created weather zone

In the middle of a cartoon tree

There is a smiling Cheshire cat face breaking through

It is not malign and promises to reverse climate change

A promise of sunshine behind the illusion

And an end to the bleak simulation

Being perpetrated upon us

Tree stump chopped down with a modern day saw

Garlic in abundance to hang over my door

A sickle moon but it is mounted on a stand

I am blowing up balloons with my own breath

And my own hands

If theres a reason for us to celebrate

May it be because its not too late

The waters in the pitcher now

The signs are on our gates

A crack beneath the dungeon door

The lights are streaming in

Our self imposed imprisonment

Has made us go within

To reignite the flame inside

And rise up from our chair

Fling open doors and go outside

To breathe in real fresh air

An old fashioned artists impression of a devil like a huge tree

Spreading its limbs out like a giant against a grey sky

Changes into a dead rose petrified

Emerging out of the darkness of a cave

Followed by a gold nugget fashioned like a manifestation

It is a sign to be careful what we wish for

Be careful what we focus on

It is also a symbol of the passing

Of all these negative images

And the promise of a new world

Like a gold nugget emerging

Out of the fear of the darkness

To celebrate a new dawn of consciousness

We have turned the corner and turned on the light

It seems as we realize how we manifested

Our own worst dreams and nightmares

December 2021

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2 12 2021

The peasants are storming the portcullis of the castle

They are at the draw bridge they are storming the gates

With a battering ram

All kinds of activity making

A different kind of mask

This time it’s face shield armor

A person is having a face mold made to fit the shield

Leaving only the mouth and throat free

There is so much upheaval

In the atmosphere in Australia

Today is the day they decide

If the bill in Victoria will give

Dictator Dan the power

And if the rest of the states will follow

Today the people all over Australia have had enough

Finally they are over the apathy

This is the mirror image of storming the Bastille in France

We have to get the bastards out of office

And like the French revolution we have to

Take down our government

So our governments cannot take down us

The lunar to solar eclipse of December 2021

Has been a time of realignment and re calibration

To the source of all being

Only when those two things have occurred

Within ourselves

Can we feel our energy come back

And we can spin into the vortex

Of ever expanding space in the universe

There is an old sailing ship

With its flags and sails up

But it seems to be jet propelled

Moving much faster and directly

With a sense of purpose

Cutting through the obstacles with ease

As if there are no obstacles

For indeed with this force

Of balance and realignment

And sense of direction

Nothing can stop its movement

On the ocean of possibilities

Clean direct jet propelled

White sail and a red emblem

A force to be attuned to

Not reckoned with

A corner of the pineal gland has cleared and lit up

A cleansing that is visible to the inner eye

With this insight I can watch

And work with clearing the rest

Until the gland becomes completely visible

To my inner eye

Another dimension of knowing is being returned to me

I am now scanning my inner organs to return to full health

I will document this process for this process will be

One that many others can follow as many have done before me

To return to a state of divine consciousness

Through such a simple de calcification

I have glimpses of an inner landscape

Becoming three dimensional

Where my senses are active

Like wearing virtual reality glasses

Without needing the apparatus

No wonder the dream time becomes awake time

And awake becomes the dream

How amazing to be able to move

In both dimensions ..to trip the light fantastic

Consciously at once eyes open eyes shut

I see hands joining in prayer pose

And a hand putting on a P.P.E. glove

Two opposite things a hand can do

When hands are busy and aware of the mind behind the action

We should be sure footed as well in order for our feet to be swift

I am seeing a future city

Cleaning up the waves from artificial satellites around skyscrapers

There is a fountain with water around the rim of the bowl

Spring wound as a geometric pattern with a rod in the centre

It radiates a frequency conducted by the geometric pattern of the water

That will clear and disperce the microwaves that are frying our biology

An emitting radiation around our cities and buildings

This invention can be attached to the top of buildings

As well as in the parks on the ground

It is to ionize and neutralize the harmful rays

It seems to run on free energy

Using some sophisticated solar base where water absorbs

And transforms the negative energy

with some sort of Tesla coil at the centre

It will be necessary to use all the reverse engineered technology for good

On our civilizations return to restored balance

And to remove the harmful rays instantly

Once the technology has been rescued

From the hands of the evil doers

November 2021

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A babies dummy that could be a respirator for a tiny child

I see the child with bare legs in the baby stroller

There are crystalline forms that transform into a modern suburban house

Is this a sign of all we have lost or all we have to regain

In a world that has gone temporarily insane

An amethyst stone is made into a ring

The stone is dark and the clasps are weak

People are trying to survive this apocalypse in any way they can

Crystalline rocks and things made from it

Seem to be the key to self healing

Hay in a field stacked for a bonfire as its close to Halloween

Clearing the ground litter to regrow a crop

Life as we know it now is what it is and what it is not

There is an object like a healing utensil that resembles

A lotus with a light at its center that shoots a frequency

A broken crystal bowl on a plinth in a museum or gallery

Even the broken fragments are precious artifacts

Something about moon energy from wax to wane

Is connecting us back to the natural magnetic grid anyway

A dark ornate mirror and a reflection of a Lazar thin line

That cuts through the darkness

Like a blinding continuous flash against darkness

All manner of darkness within the human soul has been cut through

As I look at the Lazar it widens into an opening until there is no dark mirror

And only the opening to another world beyond mirrors

Reversing the black hole it still has the power to pull all that I am into it

A world of matter from a mirror of antimatter

So many things that were hidden in the darkness are now visible

We have nowhere to hide from our own darkness

And nowhere to hide from the darkness of others

Trust in the process and recognize the cleansing

True love and balance of and within self are paramount now

Enjoy the ride

Meditation the same night with class on zoom

There is a white rose of love and peace

Like the dove of peace


The dove of peace is the love of peace

Calibration tool is measuring our alignment

And readjusting our angles to fit

Our divine purpose on earth

A loose bolt without the screw turns into a spinning top

In the atmosphere of space if you look down its center

It’s a mechanical time tunnel bolted to a child’s tricycle wheel

An old fashioned magnet is pointing towards me

It is trying to attract me much like the bolt needs the screw

To become part of the bigger whole but for a moment

I thought I was the bolt being magnetized

Laws of attraction and laws of the universe

Laws of nature where human nature is bound

By these things that can fit together to make a larger whole

A fat Buddha is on a billy cart

While mickey mouse is now flying the sleigh at Xmas

All our religious icons and festivities are all

Mixed up with other narratives..or are they?

As the false narratives are exposed

Some have held onto for millennia

There is a sense of pop and satire

In our festivities and celebrations

Santa just kicked arse with his boot

But he is walking from behind the Xmas tree in plain sight

The man behind the red coat and white beard

Is exposed and asking us to “get over it”

We are so addicted to our mythologies

That when one dies we create another in our heads

We are emotionally invested in perpetuity within our rituals

Time to break the mass that turned black

Time to stop seducing our children

And feeding them into the mouths of giants

Who eat them for breakfast

Time to see the satanic rituals for what they are

And break free from the hypnosis

The mortgage lenders are profiting from our losses

A house is not a house any more

The fallen swords on the ground in the tarot deck

Someone is making away with what they are stealing

There is a brand name but I am not familiar with its corporation

How naïve we have been

How incredibly trusting and naïve

Time to wake up stand up and grow up

And take back our sovereignty

Great Omniscient Divinity

Reignite the flame of my own divinity

That I may see myself as a flame

Within an all knowing flame

Of life existence and understanding

Remind me of who and what I truly am

So that I may stay forever in love

With the wonder and mystery of all that is

And not become preoccupied with my own

Life and death experience

To such an extent that I shut everything else out

Fear is whittling away at us all

In this time of transition

To the magnificent expansion of our planet

Like we are stuck in the birth canal

All humanity is feeling and speaking about it

In one form or another

Some are struggling with it more than others

And taking the ultimate painkiller

To end their own rebirth

Self abortion and shortening their own life on earth

Feeling electrical energy depletion

While these storms are in the atmosphere

Between lunar and solar eclipses in Sagittarius

A paperclip connects to a fake flower

The flower is a bit like a gerbera

I was feeling something had to be removed from me or my clothing

That comes from a fake outside world

The Zeppelin are back

Giants from ancient Egyptian days

When we co existed in plain sight together

Once we unpin the symbols of a fake narrative

And look behind to find what is natural

That’s where we may also find the supernatural

And realize what has diminished us

And depleted our energy..drained by lies

A wrist band that is a time travel device

That turns into a clock that can take us back and forth

Or shoot us at a right angle into another dimension

Who needs a space ship when we have this

We are our own spaceship

No matter what form we become

Going forward or backwards

As we see it in linear timing

But in reality it is a dimension switch

Which is why the right angle

That shoots us out of our cosmic angle

Orbiting our gravity in another time zone

Or orbiting the gravity of another being

Of like minded attraction

Drawn together by our consciousness

Preoccupation and unconscious desires

In the time and space we occupy as we know them

October 2021

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All manner of things are on the move now

Sputnik from out of space now landing

UFO and UAP now circling as well

There is a sense of the solar system in action

This is no ordinary war

The light bulb above your head emits a strange radiation

There are signals from out of space

Out of normal electrical devices

Out of range or out on the range

The battle cry is not heard outwardly but internally

The animals in the fields are hearing it

Go out on a dark night and share the night sky with them

For they will tell you many more secrets

Reveals in plain sight are not found at your internet

But under the night sky

Shalom beloved Archangel Michael and the spectrum

Of the seven of heaven

A  raven or large black bird flying over the image

Of a DNA strand wrapped around a sword

Symbol of medicine

A water container with a vapor coming out

That seems to be a  window into a brighter backyard

The numbers 2 and 4 are jumping up in sequence

A candle burning and a child’s drawing

Stick figure of a person that tells a story as it is unraveling

About the mysteriousness of life

An old mop head scooter hiding a black crystal at the foot tray

All manner of things are yet to be made known

Lying at our feet

An oriental round house and a garden retreat

A giant A turns into a tunnel

With which to funnel out what could be DNA strands

So many things are coming our way

On this roundabout half lit

An in this circus of life in which we are playing

A four leaf clover and a bulldog clip

A star with a tail emerging from and re entering a box

A brilliant spot of light tells me the fog is lifting

There is a wish beginning to form

Between humanity and the universe

A wish to climb out of the box

Of our preconditioned world

To a point where we can be guided

To a new universal understanding

That links our planet to our solar system and beyond

The tail of the star leaves a gas

But eventually as the fog is clearing

The night sky becomes visible for the first time

We are free on the other side of the box

Humanity has finally freed itself from enslavement

Looking through the workings of an attachment

Whose central part has been removed

Made of plastic designed to be a plastic flower

For plastic hope in a plastic world

But the center has been removed now and the flower is gone

All that are left are fake flowers

And the obvious lack of usefulness of it all

Useless piece of landfill is all that’s left of the fake world

That was planned for us

But we cannot see into its workings while it is

Surrounded by fake leaves that screen the fact

That the core is missing

Unless we can turn the flower until we have an aerial view

From here we see the core is gone

The fake world needs to be flushed from its center with water

This will cleanse the artifact from its artificial purpose

So that it can be removed and transformed

Maybe then we can turn it back into a sprinkler

To irrigate the earth

While we concern ourselves with the“natural living” once more

A willy wagtail made its nest on my hills hoist clothes line

Willy wagtails on skis dealing with the artificial slopes in life

And making them work

A black bird with red eyes turns its eyes to me and communicates as if to say

“I acknowledge you are there even when I am about to go and have a busy day”

Then he flies away

The birds will acknowledge us as we can acknowledge them

Even on a busy day when we are about to go to work

That way we can remember we are one and we are integrated with nature

That is something they do not forget and neither should we

Its all about the remembering we are all together on this one big planet

Making it work and keeping balanced in spite of change

The image of the vibration of AUM has a gold and yellow center in space

The importance of that vibration that has lifted our energy for eons

The darkness of the end of Red October 2021

No one really knows what is happening

The war between the deep state and humanity is not revealed to us

Except in our dreams when we have anxiety like I did last night

After watching a video zoom on Dictator Dan

And his permanent  pandemic plan to set a precedent in Australia

I remember as a child being obsessed with an image

Of a giant eating a tiny adult male

Now I know that symbol as a premonition of these times

The need for a conscious awakening are obvious now

If I let the horrors overwhelm me I will be consumed

So I resist consciously but I am so tired today

Electrical storms followed by grey days are an energy zap

These are the last days of the ones we call the shadow giant tyrants

“for much changes in the passing of an emperor”

I remember this as a quote of mine from earlier writings

And we can only be consumed by a hologram

Of the original fear in this time now

Note to myself

During my prayer ancient Egypt came into view

And I thought about the Zeppelin giants of my childhood image

Once we roamed the earth visible to each other and now if time is a construct

They still occupy parallel realities in quantum thought

We are still walking with their shadow in third dimension

So surely we have the power to shrink the shadow and cast it off

Like we do our own shadow

All must be taken into account at this point

How we got here and how we got to here

All disclosures will eventually fit together

And not contradict each other ..then it will be time

The true time not a time warp

At the point where we will know the truth

We will be grounded but not locked down

The deep state doesn’t so much care about whether we know

But whether we can do anything about it

We must fight for the disclosure with all we have

Which is much more than we think we have

Except for time

September 2021

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The flame has been lit and the chair is revolving

As we come into alignment with ourselves

And our greater purpose in the universe

All that will be revealed as we spin

We think we are spinning out but it is just that the chair is spinning

We are moving around the 360 degree question

Of why we are here and what is our purpose

What is humanity and why has humanity descended to this point

How are we going to rise up as we sit in our own hot seat

The focus is on us to see the answer to that question

In 360 degrees from where we sit

It feels like I am needing a re-calibration of myself

Like I am on an operating table made of see through glass

Staring at a huge lamp above my head

All the ghosts from another world are all staring down at me

Like ghost busters in reverse or the warthog aliens

Then I turn into a jellyfish or is it that they turn into something else

Plasma is a bit jellyfish like

Needing to come out into a new day and it is a beautiful day today

Want to hear the birds sing

And not see them turn their rear ends on me to poop in my eye

It is time to take a deep breath little one

The forces of change are upon us all

Soon the way will be clear and the road ahead unfettered uncluttered

And open to all but the compromised

The jellyfish shoots through the water like an octopus

At lightning speed happy to be back in its natural environment empowered

August 2021

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A dark horse with a lighter mane is cantering towards me

The mane is flying in the air like flames

There is a message that is not so dark anymore

There is a tool to fix it and a survival kit for emergencies

A torch is magnetically attached to the side of an esky

Ready to shine the light on the truth when that time arrives

The horse has stopped now to deliver the message

About crates of what could be alcohol

Drink ? or whisky that is an old fashioned medicine

Delivered by horse and cart

You can turn a horse into a dragon if you fear it

But it may only be a rooster ready to crow in the dawn

For us all to hear

Only I notice the rooster has its eyes closed

It may be the message is not being heard outwardly yet

Meanwhile inside the roosters eye

The sun streams over the side

Of an oriental style boat..sunrise or sunset

An indigenous conch shell player calls the forces

And heralds the elements

For the new day is about to emerge

And the forces of nature will rise

From their ancient invisible portals to join us

When it is time

There is an insect on a photocopy machine

It is bloated like it has been distorted

It is the full size of the plate but the midriff is blown up


A bit like all forms of media fake or real at the moment

Blowing up sections of this or that

For effect or counter effect

In fact they become an insect like a cockroach

When the truth is not proportionate

It happens when everyone is running

To keep the momentum of the story and keep the agenda alive

To feed humanity when really it has all become a cockroach

Feeding off humanity

That is why the cockroach fills the photocopy machine

So how does the truth get out there

In a world full of propaganda and bursting

With counter propaganda trying to move the focus

All designed to railroad us in a direction

I hear “sit still little one and go within for therein lies your answer”

We need to stop cleaning our teeth with a nail file

Images remind me of 9/11 Twin Towers

But they are just reminders of a past era

A boat steering wheel makes me think of my birth certificate

And being sold on the stock market

We are not sure whether to go north south east or west

Turning madly this way and that

Many things go on behind the scenes

Something is being bolted down with steel

There is an old fashioned ornate street lamp

And blank paper at the top of an old fashioned typewriter

Someone is typing and the feather and quill from earlier times

Someone is writing

Is this the new day before the new day is announced?

A massive fan for a fanfare is being prepared

Time to wake up the masses

From their sleep

A helicopter is landing I see the blades

It is daylight on an orange sort of day

The last of the components are coming together to prepare the day

Time to detox from our old ways

DT is walking down the ramp from the helicopter

Not a grand entrance but yet planned entrance

To welcome the new day

A wounded heart takes time to heal like the trees take time to grow

Tend your heart and the trees and you will grow

Back into your strength..the strength of the lioness

As we move closer to the darkness the light becomes more obvious

As we grow closer to the light the dark becomes more obvious

Regardless of the stories tales and agendas

Beyond the obvious

We can see for the first time into the oblivious

What was hidden in the caves concealed from us

From and throughout antiquity

Blessed be me and three geometry

A flying insect spreads out its wings

But it is frozen in time

The photocopier is pushed aside by a cartoon character

Cross between sponge bob and a version of Ned Kelly

A silhouette is but a shadow of no substance

We have become addicted to our own inventions

From our own narratives copied thousands of times

Until the very cartoon characters we invented

Have to stop the copying

July 2021

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Always seeing UAP or UFO in meditation

Ships in the sky ..why?

Over the fields near my new block

What is their purpose

That we haven’t got part of the disclosure?

Or disclosure only in part

The rest of the truth is within my own heart

Its not that I’m looking on a daily basis

But they want to turn up in my meditations it seems

Maybe to intervene in what would be otherwise

A loss of human hopes and dreams

They seem to be here and very close

But never too open to the naked eye

Unless they are man made holograms

Or objects deliberately placed

In strategic places in the sky

When the mind is chattering like a squirrel

And the wheels of the world are about to fall off

Except the wheel looks a bit like a plastic one

From a child’s billy cart

I am reminded its time to respect myself

After a season of eclipses

And Saturn square Uranus in 2021

Unexpected events up against the system

Lets hope not of the pre-planned variety behind closed doors

There is an extractor fan in an enclosed room

Growing or manufacturing crystals

Beautiful emotions pass me by but I cannot catch them

They are fleeting so I just have to go with the flow

There is a magnetic grid that controls the ebb and flow

Of all of our human emotions

That one is natural and cyclic

Why would we want to replace that one

With the man made variety that controls our population

And pull ourselves out of alignment with the universe

Was Archangel Michael a spaceman from another galaxy

And all the Elohim of divine light

In first there was the light spectrum

A filament under a microscope is moving

An arrow is pointing it away from being the focus

Of attention for human genetic wars

Synthetic fibers half robotic and half biological

Part of the warfare inter-cellular

It is time to blow up our illusions

And bomb the artifacts of world war 3

With an old battery on a dirt road

And a stick of dynamite

The arrow has turned to a bow and arrow

Knights and days of old

1066 Normans and Saxons

Back to the Magna Carta

Where new things can emerge hidden inside

The rubble of a bombed system and an ancient ruin

As we come into August 2021 the daffodils will begin to bloom

All manner of flowers like small hopes

Not posies but the beginnings of a new hope of a real spring

Individual flowers among the disinformation

That is being chipped away at

Like a pick axe is hiding in the daffodils

Gradually removing the false agenda

The false hope of relief from pandemics will end

With a real end and a new beginning globally

A table outside with a cloth is preparing for a feast

The truth is springing back to life after the winter of our discontent

There is a disclosure of a new kind

As a spaceship comes into view in real time

Hovering so low over the landscape

It is time to stop the coverup of the inevitable

The technology to reverse the evil effects

Of what was in the wrong hands is here

And is about to be revealed in real time

Time to count our blessings as we pick wild flowers from the fields

An energy from Egypt and a house from Mongolia

Rooftops silhouette against a huge sun

What could be a door knocker in the shape of a person

Is bending down to sift something that looks like gold panning

An empty bed has been made for a while surrounded by

A canopy of flowers to someone who has passed on

A rolled up mat is symbolic of an ending

A cow is mooing in the receding mist in real time

There is a newborn baby in a crib with a hood

And an empty lolly jar on a shelf

I am unscrewing the jar lid and putting something into it

It has been left barren for some time like fallow fields

That will someday soon spring back to life

In a new beginning a new life

There is a busy street from the past in Mongolia

Post this latest global lock-down

There is an image but someone has ripped out a piece of it

So now its hard to know if it was a house

The paper looks like tinfoil or blue sided building paper

Imagery is not very clear when its not all there

Because it keeps changing..going up in smoke

Crumpled up paper in a large hand in an office making decisions

Over land and country but where is everybody?

The office feels empty and pointless

It is there in name and position only

In a skyscraper with a view of city rooftops

At least eight floors down there is an ocean too

But all is empty devoid of human input

Symbolic of the soulless corporate greed once thriving

But the people have left a long time ago and their energy too

I think they probably headed for the hills

Even my pen wont work recording this non event

I hear the waves crashing on our past human mistakes

Like the wind in the trees on this mountain

Where there is a spotlight on the ground on a dark night

But the only thing in the spotlight is mickey mouse

Then we know humanity is in the dark

The corner of a plane showing me many propellers

Moving and maneuvering at a massive speed

Tells me it is wartime

But the sound outside my meditation room in the morning

Is calm and comforting like the chorus of birds

A few realities being played out take refuge in the daylight

But be aware of what is under the spotlight

A single wild flower is growing in my minds eye

Time for the individual to grow outside of the group

The plant can become everlasting when it is dried

Which tells me individual growth is everlasting

Be concerned only with those who come into your line of vision

Whether it be in your sleep or in the daylight

For those are the ones who are ready

There are other kinds of wild flowers

Beginning to show their heads now

I cannot identify the variety but they are well known

For their everlasting qualities

Shifting awareness can be as simple as changing a light bulb

There is a block with a chink out of it

Otherwise it is nearly there..nearly complete

What is it? a building block to a new post office

Or a small official building

Geese and a gander walk out on a country road

Where will you wander?

Once the paradigm is set in bricks and mortar

Building a new hope by overturning what things were once used for

To give them a new purpose..renovation or reconstruction

I am asking if it is ominous but apart from what was under the ground once..it appears not

But it has to be stripped back to its foundations

To see what lurks inside the walls

We are not talking about a physical virus here ..or are we?

June 2021

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Eating porridge in the morning
Rooftops of traditional Chinese houses
Many narratives woven in between the tipping point for humanity
Many people many points of view
Narratives stolen and distorted
Half and three quarter truths
In the wake of the super full blood moon eclipse in Sagittarius
Rise Humanity Rise
For the new solar eclipse in Gemini will see
Many more like you and me
No longer clinging to old world narratives
Of a conditioned past

May 2021

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A sword is in its scabbard
It is ready
The very sweet smell of Daphne flower
A person in spirit is skipping freely in joy
Behind a blue shield that was once a mask
That they have taken off untethered

It is time to follow the lead of the ghosts and spirits
Against those behind the mainstream media
That impose restrictions that will not stick
Humanity is aligning with the angels now
Not behind the facade of the
New Normal but the Realigned

There is a ring with stones on it
A giant ring and people are its gems
Standing on a platform
Getting the message out
Binding humanity into a marriage
Of the truth that cannot be told openly
They are the gems and the truth speakers
who will bind our future commitment

These people are uniting now
And the sword is ready to slay
The perpetrators of false intentions
There is a crack in the cage that imprisons us
And he light is streaming in
So soon the cage will break open
For a new humanity

A blue corona in the sky
A part of the galaxy
Now visible
To the naked eye
Blends into the sun
Or does the sun come before
And reflect illumination on the core

Things in the universe are on the move
Plants and animals know
There is a recharge
Like my friends battery that just went flat
And then got restored once more

Time to contemplate the universe
And consciousness of the Big One
Little Ones
For all is before you now
The door is open wide
To explore the universe
Of multiple dimensions
Rather than by perceptions
And guesswork

Sometimes recognizing our humanity
Feels like a tree in a desert
With a long trunk that stretches out of sight
Before the foliage begins
To spread out like a canopy umbrella
To shelter all
That live in its shade

Just as we too have to get beyond our limitations
And stretch up into the blue sky while our feet
Remain firmly planted in the earth.
Just as we sometimes feel the effort of getting there
Before we can finally
Spread out and celebrate

On an endless journey
There are so many scars and battle wounds
We can lose sight of where we were destined to go
Before we realise who we really are.

When you feel an imbalance within yourself
Use these tools to send concentrated beams of the rainbow spectrum
Into those parts that need structural re alignment
Become aware of all of your senses
Which one is dominant?
Bring the others up to the same frequency
If it is smell add light and seeing
If it is sound add smell and taste and touch
Eventually all the senses will begin to reactivate..at once
And your life will once again return to vibrance
And so the vibration is raised

A time as we know it is moving
As events unfold
As the media remains a permanent block to
The truth of what is changing
Humanity is again forced by an unseen hand
To turn inwards
To search the far reaches of the soul
To unbind from those systems
And beliefs and people
That have controlled us

April 2021

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When the hand holds a crystal ball but it is black
Or the hand that cups the moon has gone dark
It is not easy to go into the future and see
The brightness of a new world coming

Until the fairy lights come on inside the ball
To show a celebration at night
That will mark the beginning of
Something new and exciting
Out of something old and decayed

A mist comes in
To envelope a small herbal lavender plant
Like a giant hand recognising and reaching down
To even the most humble conscious living thing

A spinning umbrella from underneath
Where only the framework is left
A hovering craft with a humming noise
Opens a portal to spotlight the ground
Near the plant

Like an automated eye
Looking at a simple plant
With the power to relieve anxiety
One of natures masterpieces

More craft saucers this time
At a greater height but below cloud
Scanning the landscape

Green foliage leaf
Jesus and the Ascended Masters
Candle white glowing white and expanding
Michael and the Angelic Realm
Lights dual street lamps
Divine assistance

The spinning top is moving fast
The colours of the rainbow turn to white
There is an energy and vibration
That is visible and creates a wave
of expanding dimensions
From the centre

All manner of things are on the move now
Even as we hold our hands in prayer
There is an electrical energy field
Emanating from that intention

A V shape
V for vaccine
Heavily loaded letter of the alphabet
Sometimes we have to take a break
And rise above the narrative war
That brings about our inertia
Taking a break is
Sometimes all it takes to turn a V
Back into a peace sign
Or reverse the F..K you

We are up against
All things in polarity
In order to find a way
To make peace with ourselves
And the human race

Children embrace each other
As innocent babies
They share their love
With extended family
There is no reason to be afraid
Their love is powerful and it penetrates
We have to remember
Love without fear
Even though
We are heavily traumatized
As long as we can remember the innocence
Of love
We can return there.
We can create many things
But without the innocence of love
There is no meaning
It is what drives us
To stay alive

March 2021

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The rainbow is like a jagged flame
Of a gasfire…gaslit
So many variations of the true source of humanity
God and what it is to be human being

The gas flame is not a true rainbow
Even though it can show the light spectrum
Those rainbows are the mirage within the flame
That could be luciferin in explanation

Gaslit by the mirrors and mirages
Of the snippets of information
Passed down to a humanity
Who cries out to be released from that flame
From being gaslit

A false flower
Anzac poppy
Made of wire
Clasping a gem at its centre
Measure of past events created
A sign that life was once there
But how long ago

We have no need for Ned Kelly now
Was he really who they said he was
A warrior for the underdog
On the outback highways
A symbol of uprising
Against a corrupt government
Where outlawed people took their power back
By donning home made armour
To fight a visible war
In front of the mass of humanity

Was Ned Kelly the infamous criminal
Put on a pedestal
By an oppressed people
At a difficult point
In Australian history

A broken piece of the jigsaw puzzle
Has an elephant on it
The elephant becomes real
In the wildlife
Trumpeting at the joy
Of its own freedom
Playing in the mud and puddles
Beneath its feet

It is flooding in real time
All over New South Wales
It could be seen
As divine intervention
Regarding the vaccine rollout
Being pulled into another emergency
Will force our government hand
Who will delay their plans briefly

A giant pill sitting
On the spike of a mountain
Becomes the magic pill
People are praying for
The pill is sitting at the tip
Of hands in prayer
But what are we praying for
A magic bullet ?
Now the pill
Turns into a bullet
Big and brassy
Like the agenda behind it
Not designed to help us

Antiquated technology or a bio weapon
Wrong weapon for warriors
On a tiny virus
Fed by misinformation
And government agendas
To get us to comply
To yet another thing that will take us under

An image icon of a house
Like a loan finance logo
That becomes real
At least the chimney is three dimensional
And the rest is clearing
The scent of someone beautiful
New and yet familiar
Time of unexpected events
And new meetings
A newcomer in ones life
The kids in the playground outside
Are screaming over a footie match
Intermittently between the screech of a black bird
Probably a magpie
Its not so bad here

February 2021

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A flower comes out
Of a top hat
It is a rose
Is it a real flower or a trick
The mists of illusion
Are still around
The image half submerged
But it is emerging
As the mists recede
It becomes clearer
Propellers of war fuselages
But there is no plane
We are being shown half truths
So that we will slip
Back into illusion
By imagining the rest
With our conditioned minds
Meanwhile the real story
Slips back into the mists of time

A stick is planted above the ground
In a huge tilled open field
It is twilight
Was it the moon the sun
A planet or a UFO
Flying away from the site

Symbol of hope
Above the ground will begin again
The twig or olive leaf plant
Has been planted
Many images pass by
Overlapping in my mind
Each has a story or thread
Of what has just happened
And is still playing out

But it is overlapping
Many will be damaged
By the illusions
Perpetrated on the masses
But now the truth
Has been planted
Above the ground
It only has to grow and prosper
One day the field
Will be green again

The baby that you missed so sadly
Still occupying a space in that cavity
Needs to be acknowledged
Your body remembers or
Still holds the memory

The witches hat is also
A spire and a pyramid
The geometric shape has significance
Not as an obelisk but the female equivalent
Used throughout eons
As sacred geometry in ancient times

The body remembers interference
From eons ago
As a female
Yet throughout history
The misinformation perpetrated upon us
Still exists

The underneath of a bowl that feeds us
Behind which are watches
With crooked noses and warts
Around a pot of another kind
Are made out to be the perpetrators
Dammed by the dammers

Such an ugly image
To prevent the divine feminine
From shining throughout
Or rising out of the distorted
Darkness of the underworlds

What could be a posie of flowers
Turns into something more ominous
But yet unseen as to what it is
I am aware that I am spun out
And need to stay grounded
By finding a routine
Of meditation and relaxation
It is not over yet
It has only just begun
Rings in my ears
I am alone in the mountains
La Nina rain outside again
My lawns grow too quickly
What will this season bring

Angel fish
Orange and white stripe
Clown fish
Messenger of the ocean
As above so below
A beacon to the reef
Home of the newborn
Cradle of birth
Practice with good will
What will bring harmony and balance
To the delicate balance that is life

January 2021

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A city skyline
Melts in the middle of the horizon
Like plastic and liquifies into the ground or water
In front of it
And then turns into an image
Or a mould
Of an art piece from byzantine times

A monk or holy person with a halo
Two monks surrounded by halos
Begin to move towards each other
In combat and then become one
Like ideologies that melt into one
From dual or false narratives perpetrated over eons

A stained glass window divided
Into four parts
Each makes reference to current
Cancel culture
As there is nothing in each part
A hand reaches up
As if to put something there but
The jaws of a strange carnivorous fish
Eating smaller fish
That have laid in its jaws
Has multiple teeth

The world as we know it is unravelling
There are those who would seek
To rewrite their own narratives into antiquity

A bird comes with a quill in its beak
To write on paper something that
Was not written from earlier times
Sometime during the eighteenth century

A fist opens in front of a cave entrance
And reveals an old sage at a writing desk
Who looks up when he sees the light at the entrance
All will be revealed from a dark cave
When the light is shed upon it.
The entrance is opened by a determined hand
That holds the truth tightly and yet lets go lightly

There is a celebration surrounding a wreath of flowers
A ceremony from ancient times
In the distance an explosion lights up the sky

Spinning wheel of laser light
Multi-wheel is an energetic re-calibrating
Remagnetising tool
Held over the body
It rotates and realigns

Hand held behind a smudge stick
Pushes it towards me
It becomes a papyrus scroll as it comes closer
The walls behind it huge and ancient
Become visible

Something fits into pharaohs times
As the stones sit into each other
Each stone is taller
Than a human and weighing tons
They are saying read the hieroglyphs
It is time

Green leaves sprout sideways
Italian meal celebration
Vatican oppression is gone
Life has lightened
Bounced back into new life and freedom

Blotches of rain
On the camera lens
From where I am filming
A single person on a park bench
Looking at water
But it is just a still life

The water is not running
Breaking through the illusion of mask wearing
That look like bird beaks
With no breathing apparatus

A flower is growing within a plant
Time exposure
It becomes closer and brighter
But it has a stem at a right angle
Bent to the right
I think about it
As it straightens its self up
I am staring at the veins in the stem
It is very strong

Just as one starts off
Growing awareness of the flower
From a distance
The flower is our awareness growing
Where we have become bent
We can straighten up
As we get stronger and closer
To the truth

December 2020

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Bottom end of a lunar solar eclipse is visible beneath a cloud
Lit by the hidden Sunday it is an energy shift and a rebalance
Feels like coming out of madness in mainstream creating the storm
A child on a swing in a school yard is enclosed by bars
Symbols of the lack of freedom we will be leaving to the next generation
If we continue this way being dictated to from the outside and caged from the inside
A vine growing is growth from another part of my mind only visible in a flash
Sit quietly the change is from within a new world is coming
Not of their making but the elephant who never forgets reveals the elephant in the room
Symbols of another culture a tyre on the runway only a plane journey away
But still grounded

A stool- with squat legs and hands that left the stool for the spirit rising
A peacock with tail feathers down but feather on its head arch up
It is running like a bush fowl thinking about Tomomi
And Japanese ceremonies for the dearly departed
A copper pot is like an urn the lid comes off to send
Her beautiful soul to join the others
In the solar system which becomes visible once the lid is lifted
Ceremonies from another culture which are enriching and refreshing
As ours may or may not be to theirs death is but a cycle and a release
From this state to the next we come from another state
Pass through this one and rejoin the other state
On the other side back to the stars
A Japanese fan hides the mouth but not the eyes
A ceremony that is completed with a white swan
Majestic with feathers displayed behind it
Moving down a river with head bowed
Leaving us in awe of the majestic
Grace the reverence and honour combined
Such is the weight of the state of being as we pass
And the beauty of such a sacred point between time as we know it
And the everlasting manifestation of the great creator so soon and yet with such grace

How will the governments cover up the disasters as the numbers rise
The ones affected by the vaccine will outnumber the ones who haven’t been
The fear could drive more vaccine in some while others pray over bowls
While they take the jab there is a sense of uneasy quietness
A deathly compliance of lambs that could go to the slaughter
Silently Silence of the Lambs
Then there will be a massive moon or sun arising over the earth
Like we are in a shuttle coming into land on another planet
Like earth is being towed and hitchhiking to a new orbit
All of this will make sense in the longer term
But the days of the darkness of communication breakdown
Are upon us now it seems out of orbit, or out of control
Of ourselves while the rollout continues

A brick on the ground and another to better balance
Essential in this time do nothing until you have a solid foundation
In yourself and your life to stay balanced when the world
Is fragmented and out of balance collapsing- is beginning to show
Things are broken and we pay more the state of flux makes us tired
People are precious to compare notes with to congregate and discuss
A plan for renewal in difficult times
The brain can seem interfered with even in the absence
Of mind altering drugs extreme weather catastrophic events
Are but mild symptom of a bigger disease
A paper origami boat on a real ocean
Is not a practical solution but merely an idea

It is not hard to pick holes in the short comings of other’s friends or enemies
There will be so many it is a sieve that cannot hold water
Time to look at our own reasons for not being able to rise above the
Negative influences of the outside and Inside worlds that nag us and keep us under control
Where is the trauma- what is the fear why is the voice so loud some days and others are easy
We are all full of idiosyncrasies and therefore open to manipulation
Inner strength in facing your own demons and making sure they don’t contribute
To the negative energetic noise stay calm little one stay calm and at peace
In your own home your space- no matter how humble
Is sacred to your well being the beauty of humanity is on the rise if you know where to find it
Amid the drone of everyday enslavement we have so willingly conceded to
But that is not all the picture Just pieces of the puzzle coming together
For now have patience all will be revealed

November 2020

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The cockroaches got under my skin so me and my friend were pulling them out
They mutated between a cockroach and a tick and embed their huge bodies into our flesh
Leaving feelers exposed or bottoms up as if they were testing the air
Half on three quarters submerged- eating
At the other end of the mattress we were asleep on
There was another friend waving half submerged in the springs
I felt I must go and save them and I said this to the other friend
But I was too late I realised after I pulled them out and see
They had already been eaten from the waist down
I woke myself up this morning screaming
I will not let the cockroaches under my skin again
Cockroaches are the agenda of deep state
That have infiltrated our movements taken over what’s left and green
Eaten us from the inside out to the point that we have to keep pulling them out
Before they get in too deep and take away our lives
The mattress is the sleeping state of humanity that still believes
There are no mutations of our movements no infiltration beneath our skin no agenda to destroy us
We try to wake up when we are half submerged in the mattress
Waving to be saved but already half destroyed by the pestilence of a decayed globalist society

With the help of female spider I managed to keep the negative gaslighting
Away and could absorb myself in the meaning of the decrees
Getting practice for stronger balance I had thoughts of those who have
Been further down the rabbit hole of gaslighting and have seen the light
And now no longer wanting to be a part of war against humanity
What a horrific insight what a journey back to balance
It would be I imagine Impressive if Elon Musk is really
One of the ones no longer compliant in this nightmare for humanity planned
What a force for good he could eventually be
He would probably understand the lack of trust that would dog him
From the people he now wishes to rejoin how many of us would understand
His journey back to being part of the human race after all we are all full of pitfalls
Temptations too comprehensive to understand that is a big life lesson for one man

Ceilings and fans and a giant Indian figurine lamp
With hands above the head.Shiva?
People walking about their business on a street in New Dehli
Crisp white clothing against weather beaten old streets
A ladder in a loft at twilight and the pitch of the roof beams
But they are not enclosed by the roof it’s self
A bed in the loft on the floor is unmade
The scissors and the other instruments are taken away
From the scene of an operation
As if a giant cone shape has moved them off the scene
And out of sight away from the image
Of calmness and stillness where they do not exist
So the person in the loft can only rest easily and peacefully
Where fears of something nasty coming to get them doesn’t exist
A good night’s sleep under a blanket of stars is the remedy for a scattered mind
Fragmented by energies bombarding and pushing the nervous system into fight or flight
When all the invading energy is removed and when the state of stillness and peace is restored
By a calm environment that engenders a calm state of mind

A facial recognition box comes up in the middle of a huge
White mist or cloud but it is turned sideways
The face is looking to the left I am also thinking of the Melbourne cup
With no one at the stadium the race and then the horse gets put down
I remember an old song Zagar and Evans in the year 25 25
Who needs to wait that long when 25 20 is already like this
What we need to change is obvious to get our balance back as a human race
What is not obvious is the amount of time it has taken to get to this point
That we have to make a quick turn around
We are needing extreme tolerance for extreme attitudes
About extreme measures being taken for a virus pandemic
That has been taken to an extreme
I wonder how long before the virus Is no longer the excuse for being extreme
We need democracy in balance not high alert

When the flag turns to flame but still waves in the breeze
And the moon appears from behind a cloud as full
The dawn of the age of Aquarius will have begun
All manner of deceptively will be laid bare
And the light at the end of the tunnel
Resembles a sick bed with nobody in it
All manner of things natural will be in the shadows
Until the lighthouse switches on
Inside the lighthouse looking out
The ocean stretches as far as the eye can see and it is calm
From a perspective of greater height we can see further and beyond
The monsters that crawl like mice with alien eyes
Half robotic mutations from a big one age
The true new millennium will have begun
Once we stop being fixated on smaller things
That make us want to jump on chairs and screech

October 2020

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Sweeping clean the stomach floor with a straw broom
Activating and beginning to love and harmonize
The parts of the light body that go out of synchronization through self-abuse ignorance and ignoring
The gut feelings perpetrated by outer abuse and memories as the other brain- is in our stomach
A plane is gliding silently in the sky not ominous like a drone can be but nevertheless unmanned
I am looking through a maize of trees from underneath
But then I realise they are my veins and I can see them as my flesh is transparent
There is a creature like a ninja turtle coming towards me through a tunnel
But it is not cartoon as I can see its soft underbelly
Like a huge strange creature standing on its hind legs
Is it the hero come to rescue the children from the underground facilities
A tree blowing almost sideways above the ground
It is dusk and I am expecting a full moon though it is a grey night
All that has been so active below the ground Is only visible by the signs of strange weather
And cycles of the moon above

Daffodils fall out of a brown paper bag dropped on the pavement
August has come and gone and the sun has become very piercing
As it begins to move in over the earth where there is a lack of ozone
Not from climate change but electromagnetic frequencies
As satellites break the ozone down political promises are laid waste
In the coming of an ancient prophecy that is spoken of by traditional cultures
A totem pole has wings as many things have come to pass
Where the clouds partially block the moon on an otherwise bright night
The stuff of ghosts goblins during Halloween or the uncovering of that myth and narrative
There are new structures appearing out of the fog in daytime
There is a plane showing its jet propeller as things are afoot but not in the way we think
Behind the iron curtain over Russia which is now China’s deep state.

Telecom wires come out of a wall like claws grabbing a light globe
A big digger- earth moving machine has a grabber too that looks like teeth
A cockroach is irritated in unnatural soil and the leaf that comes out of the ground
Is digitalized with a barcode or mini chip none of us want to live like that
Completely automated in a desert with forces that are pushing us that way
Will eventually implode upon themselves and more on from this planet leaving
Whatever independent life force is left that Is not controlled by artificial intelligence

So it does not serve their ultimate purpose but to implode upon themselves and
There is another way that requires humanity to grow up
Beginning with waking up and taking back control
The race is on whether you call it evil against life however you translate it
We need to move beyond the paradigm counter propaganda alone cannot drain the swamp
When the creature is in our head

A fairy tale city with spires and aqua blue at each peak
A scroll unwinds like a cartoon edit and I see Disneyland
To think all that innocent glitz would hide a pile of maggots
Being cultivated in a bucket there is a flower
Spreading across a pond but It doesn’t look like a pond plant
It could be an acacia bush that hides the water source
There is a rose hidden on the underside of old world industrial machinery
Underneath the cog things are not as they seem
But there is a silver lining and a promise of protection for the natural world
For all her adaptability Is a blessing that will prevail
The industrial age and the machine has now turned into
A giant water wheel maybe a paddle steamer
These things can still help us navigate our way out of turbulent times into calmer safer waters

20 degree obtuse angle and puss from that side rises to the surface
Things are being measured through a protractor
hat tries to order the natural world in some way to control it
But the natural world just keeps growing and doing its thing anyway
The person with the protractor is holding it up against a window
But they’re inside trying to understand and control the outside
Like an autistic child brilliant but obsessed with angles and protractors
Locked away in their own version of reality they cannot be part of outside
Because of their isolation they are forced to be locked up
By some unforeseen force within crying for a connection they cannot seem to make
There is a city out there that has been made from the vision of the autistic child
All rubber and plastic and superimposed upon
There is an Indian man- physician who is around me- who has been aware
Of the process toward smart cities
He is from a place oriental where the mosques and temples still exist in their true form
His energy is a sigh of relief as he helps to make sense of the two worlds
For the child and for us who are forced to live in the unreality
Created by the mathematical calculations
Another Indian man with a white beard speaking with a lilt
Unravels the mathematical calculations In his speech
The word matrix has an X at the end which is the crossover point
Between construction and deconstruction
It sits at the end of a structure to mark the spot
The tipping point from where things can become balanced or rebalanced
The crew outside my window is suddenly very loud bossing the smaller birds or are they complaining
About the interference in his domain they seem unafraid of him as usual
I have yet to understand the dynamics of their relationship
According to the natural laws of flight and space

September 2020

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There is a wreath HMS something..all these events was there another story behind the story told
How dark must it get beneath the ocean of human consciousness
Before we are willing to bring these things up to the surface out of the depths and into the light
There is a hand on a door handle saying once you know you don’t have to go down the rabbit hole twice
To uncover the truth that humanity has been lied to while living in an illusion and a bubble on the surface
But when you have been to the depths and back you realise how we became manipulated
By fear and depravity many eons ago cut off from the waist down in our light bodies
Or cut off from the waist up it seems surely the gut feelings that know
Something is wrong with the narrative Is where we must start to rescue ourselves from
We are all composed of light and dark once we know this about ourselves
It is just a matter of bringing ourselves back Into the light body connected
Trauma and abuse that we remember from this life or another one
Doesn’t have to be a negative trigger but a call to stand back up and be in our own power
Once we have done it then we have an opportunity to be more compassionately aware
Of the journey others will have to make to reconcile their own soul with the truth
This way the darkness will come up naturally and the demons of the past being recreated in this time
Can be finally cast out and back into the past millennium of the human story

Thumbs up goes the cartoon character with a big fat hand
There’s a broken window many floors up on a skyscraper
There’s a leaking pipe that needs rewelding
The millipede is curling its tail hanging from the green branch
The cartoon man is back I see his face has a funny handlebar moustache
Something is coming out of the side of what could be a spaceship
All 3D under construction with surveillance
A plinth on a Roman or Greek temple door frame and a metal towel rail
There is a lot going on but it is fragmented and nothing is coming together as yet
Scattered but with some hope for the future like there is an alternative plan
But I need my reading glasses
Meanwhile I take refuge in this funny little town

Obtuse angle for building specifications
Analogue clock at 10 am has red hands
Empty shopping carts in a bubble and a car seat with no driver
A hamburger with a meat pattie that could be real but could be 3 D printed
A page of writing with an old fashioned ink pen
Today was multilayered so I couldn’t write
On anything specific.
While it was still forming

It had been known for many years this time would come
It was written in our DNA- our ancestors they are saying to us
Now you understand why it was so important many generations ago
WWII and before our grandparents knew the inevitability of another war
Under this regime you know where you are meant to be
At this time they are telling us we have prepared you in the old ways
Just as every tribe and race has had the opportunity even when thwarted
To prepare their young ones for this in their own way
The old regime of control is about to implode
There are wheels and an axle but no vehicle anymore
Focus on the axle and not the turning wheels
Which can only take you left or right
But the axle is the only thing left to keep things upright
And stop the wheels from falling over

Sickle moon mounted like an ornament
And a hatchling of chickens in a star shape as they have hatched
A hook beneath the ocean is rusted in the murky water
Shooting stars that look cylindrical or asteriods
With 5G cylinders stuck to them
The wheel turns on a child’s toy blown by the wind
The grass has grown longer fresh and green by my garden hose
The change we have been waiting for has already started
My heart is with the Uluru and Uluru is the heart
I see small wheels and tent guide ropes
In my life and in my meditations because things are beginning to move
Soon we will be on the journey back to the mother of all mothers
When the pleidians gate way hovers over the rock
The light of all lights will be switching on natural magnetic grid to re balance the earth
Leaving 5 G and all these man-made artefacts and their satellites for dead

August 2020

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Welcome dear one for we are united beyond time
But trying to recreate the time machinery artificially
Is to play russian roulette with our life
And often causes our passing
You have always known you can step into the future
As you do it many times in your sleep
What you recreate in your waking life as human beings
Is but a reflection of the bigger picture

When we are grieving for the ones that we shared happy times with and that we love
Its like old memories and precious antiques
They come back in bits and pieces broken up emotionally
Meanwhile our pen has dried out
And the sideshow sign has fallen down
And all the clowns are laughing sideways

Our memories turn to vapour
And disappear through the hole at the top of an old fashioned key
Like the memories of when pegs were still wooden
When we hung our clothes out to dry made from natural fibre and precious

The wingnut beneath the belt has come loose
The horse hasn’t bolted yet he turns around and looks at me because I left the stable door open
He looks at me as if to say “Its open”
He is a big draft horse with hairy legs and a bemused expression
It doesn’t compensate for the pain that he is still here
But it makes me feel better to think
That maybe all is not completely gone and lost
While he is still blocking the exit

Underbelly of a flying saucer silhouetted against the hill
With colourful crowd of people on its summit
Gathered for that reason underneath
The ship is hovering with its underbelly unlit
Like it is waiting also but we are aware of each other
Piece of string between two metal clamps
Says that we can define how long that piece of string now is
There is no fear of alien invasion or takeover
Just because the ship is huge and more advanced in technology
We will have to grow in consciousness
Before we know how to switch the lights on however
To communicate fully and see beyond the fear mongering
That tells us its for our own benefit to shoot the ship from the sky-
They are only our neighbours come to help
And the enemy is within the earth.
A posie over the lock on a shut window with a cyclone outside
Suddenly the lock and window are shattered to reveal a whole new world
Post apocalypse of a different kind
Strange edifices I cannot recognise made of some metal and unknown substances
I guess they are robotic and there is a flying disc lowering itself to the ground
Not such an unexplained phenomena anymore
It seems as if it is in plain sight
Twilight zones of our past reemerge in my memory
Depictions of love shaped light beams from an unknown source
Somewhere in the sky In black and white
Then I see a whole different concept of a lighthouse
On a cliff to warn seafarers about the shore
Something we romanticized once Is not romantic now
And could be menacing If you didn’t understand how it worked or what it was for

Posies of Flowers promise to brighten days to come
Cobra dances from the box in trance while the Indian man plays the flute
The lid on a garbage bin or sewer is turning plastic lid concrete base
There is an old fan blowing on the ceiling of a bunker
I hear the birds sing in real time outside my window
And it lifts my thoughts out of WWII and the like
My spirit sings too remembering the coming
Out of the winter of devastation that marked the last world war
This war is different but it triggers my memory of the last one
Something in my DNA remembers
Food on the table that is healthy in real time
Makes me want to paint a picture of it like a precious memory
A gift from the universe o it is with coming out
Of the drab draconian lock down into a vibrancy where
The simple pleasures are magnificent moments in time
How must the cobra feel at the music of the snake charmer
Released from its prison looking back down a plughole from the top
Where you can see where everything is going
That is another whole perception to being down the plughole
An Indian man makes his living in the backstreets
But they are all empty at the moment
Only the duty bound once whitewashed walls
And the uneven pathway beneath his feet
Like echo chambers to the absence of people
Who normally fill every square inch of the
Walls and pavement with vibrancy
Then I see the banner is waving again
Like multi maroon strips of cloth on a pole
To signal the end of the end

Dingo looking through a broken wooden fence
A slice of pizza from which a mandala springs
From something ugly to a grandiose design
If you zoom out and refocus
It becomes like a design embedded in old architecture
On the ceiling of a dome ornate and eastern in appearance
The dingo spies a rabbit in the grass behind the fence that is like a cage
Just as ornate as the ceiling that could also be in Rome
Its coming back into view so does the contrast epitomise the need for freedom
Behind the corruption of the structures that enclose us
That prevent us from following our natural instincts?

The rabbit is the only creature that seems free
The grass is greener on its side of the fence but how did it get in there
A hand comes up to break apart the broken fence
The same hand behind the building of the ancient architectural dome and place of worship
To the dingo it is a giant human hand
To the worshipper it is the hand of God but it all depends on your situation
Or how trapped you feel in that which colours your perception
Strangely now the bunny rabbit has ceased to be natural
And has just joined a sideshow riding a dodgem car with fake rabbit ears
It was the unrestricted freedom of the green grass and choice to be free
That the dingo really wanted… not the rabbit after all

July 2020

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The hierophant is upside down double speak
Political mayhem in Iraq Iran and the middle east
The flame from a gas bottle does not have to blow up the bottle
One piece of the pie isn’t even distribution of wealth to every nation
The light on an antique street lamp is a chandelier in the night
Against a black night it can light the way
What divides the heart within the rib cage can become a laser beam moment of truth
Like an astronaut in a suit about to walk out of the capsule surrounded by the universe
Who can still stay connected to his roots
Gas is only light when it is harnessed and truth is only truth when its not tarnished
Gas is still not light when its not lit and the earth has many treasures in its midst
Be still enough to listen and to pray no single thief will take all that away

Arm is a limb to cushion the elbow
Hydraulic stump
Woven sunrise or sunset
A bird has a stick looking for a nest
A white sheep on a dark night like a beacon
Strange things in the night move around
Where they walk we can’t see them till sunrise
Meanwhile we feel them and still have to have a healthy intention
We bandage our broken limbs that way
One day the new dawn comes up like a veil lifted just like that
We can breathe again and see what went bump in the night
A hairy caterpillar or possum is a different perception
The wolf suit that is a cape for human protection
The mask is no mask when it’s no longer worn
The sheep are not such beacons
When they have been shorn

Small antique wheel on the side of a cart cloaked in mist
Large parts of our family histories gone amiss
And upside down two
And steel girders for a concrete foundation
A bowl of half eaten fruit lights up on a table
The cycles of life in the solar system as we know them
Cannot be depicted that easily on a 2D chart
There is a metal tower that goes up Into the sky and birds land on the top
And a man in a hard hat stands at the base
Constructions being made to go round corners not previously seen
An ancient photo copier on a rubbish bin
A cricket ball and a fisted glove
Is this all that remains of the ones we love
We change the meaning and the use of things over time
And the stories of our family genealogy
Become twisted to fit the narrative of the dominant few.

Yoga swimming more yoga stretch the body
Doing somersaults off a flat diving board
Stretch your limbs to free your mind
Pay attention to your organs especially your throat
Microwave false teeth boogey man eyes
Like scarecrows for animals in a field
Hook and line but not the sinker
Corner the bathtub and corner of the house
Statue of Christ with a wooden hand
Statue of Liberty holding a flare
Man on a surfboard on a murky dark wave
Israeli women look out from a cage
Stately hallway but the carpet is blue
No statesman to talk and no audience too
The news as we know it has ceased to exist
Barnacles by the sea but where is the boat
The sea is still rising but we’re not afloat
The water is clear as a windowpane
Because I’m safe in my house
While the world is alone

Solitaire to solidarity
The gutter catches water when it rains
The door opened slightly from its frame
If you listen carefully with your ears you will hear
The sound of screws loosening and metal coming undone
The nuts and bolts of society are being deconstructed
The threads that hold us together are being tested
Question who’s behind it who’s to blame
Over a cup of hot black coffee in a back lane
While the front facade of all we own remains intact
Only the eaves of our rooves as our houses have no walls
We cry false tears for the small businessman who falls
Until the men in black gloves come to open up our doors
And steam roller over our personal rights until we have no more
Only then we see red and know the danger zone
Then we can move from solitary owners over our homes and lives
And stand for solidarity not smashing statues
But voting out the common enemy that has finally become made known.

June 2020

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Yasonite black woman skipping
Old mop and bucket washing the floor
She shines the bike light’s sideways
Her family are coming through the door
Mama wears a headscarf at a knot upon her brow
While steel girders are launching fabrications
Filling our minds and changing our laws
When the people speak out against slavery and servitude
When the system ceases to shoot us down in flames
When the military lay down their guns to end the game
The real grass roots people will rise again to clap their hands and sing
The simple man will hold the match to ignite our human life continuing
The shadows will be floodlit as if light had just turned on
Masonite walls will be dismantled brick by brick until they are no more.

Bottle bagged couture perfumed
Based in an industry that favours glitz
Metal contamination in the new brand of medication
You can’t ask questions about potions made in laboratory stations
What is the world coming to says the old timer
Where is the world now says the youth
What is the point of industry passed
Where hand sanitizer poisons our hand
And contaminants from our products poison our land
Where vaccines are only designed to kill
Where the needle is a gun that pierces your arm
And the medics are henchman employed to do harm.

The worm turns in the ground
Life comes around- again
Purple maze of flowers in my face
Slowing down the pace of life
Life is not a race or an empty cardboard box
In an empty room
While the worm turns in the ground
While the worm still turns in the ground
Peel back the banana
Or sugar cane on the field
Bring back your horse and plough
Increase your yield and eat
The farmer doesn’t have to bite his lip
For the glossy printed paper money
Disappearing overtime
While the worm turns in the ground
While the worm still turns in the ground
A Chinese man in a pointy hat is tilling his field
By hand with furrows in the dirt
We say thank you Yangtze

The overshadowing of a native Indian man in an animal skull hat
A bird on some eggs which are the messages to be birthed
I can see through the nest to how they are being laid
I have a headache slightly like sinus almost nauseous
My thinking is very foggy knocked out of normal alertness
I have a lump that feels like its in my throat chakra
And there is ringing in my ears
All this can indicate there are messages waiting for me
According to the training I have experienced
During many group meditations over twenty five years or more

This was not written under meditation
It was my thoughts experiencing the toilet roll panic buying
When the pandemic was first announced
After this time things continued in intensity
As the masking and lock downs started to roll out
Humanity was in shock and something in me discovered compassion
So the writings under meditation began in earnest