Visions of a new kind came to me as a title in 1987 when I decided to publish my poetry for the first time.

An alternative school of metaphysical banter  called the “New Age” existed at that time.

It appeared to be taking the western world by storm  and many of the believers talked of the !987 Harmonic Convergence as the beginning of some kind of shift into global consciousness.

I did not identify as part of that movement as it seemed to me a lot of the so called New Age was a return to old world traditions of indigenous peoples re marketed as though it was some human cosmic break though into new dimensions for the first time.

However some of my earlier poems seemed to eclipse the thinking of that time even though I had written them on scraps of paper in my recluse moments some of them years before the thinking became popular.

I used the words ..Of a New Kind ..rather than of the New Age make a clear distinction between the two.

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